Blogging... Again

I started the whole blogging process a long time ago, but then, well... life happened. Randy got a new job, we moved into a new house, had a baby (a life-changing event, in case you were wondering), and then, just as we were finally getting the hang of being parents (yeah, right), Randy got the phone call that he'd been selected for a pilot in the Marine Corps. I'll write more about that later. Anyway, since we are going to be moving here, there, and everywhere, I thought I would (re)start a blog to keep our distant friends and family in the loop. (Especially my mom, who refuses to get on Facebook even though someone mysteriously created an account for her - and no, it wasn't me!). I'm not sure how diligent I will be... but I'll try.

Forgive me in advance for my lack of blog etiquette and graphic design knowledge. I'm learning.

But for now, I must tend to a little stuffy-nosed baby who has discovered that flip-flops make good teethers.

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