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Well, it’s about time I posted. I’ve had a lot of stuff running through my head, but finding the time to get that on to my blog has been a bit trickier. But a couple of updates on life for now:


  • is almost ten months! How did that happen?! This definitely is the most fun stage we’ve experienced. He has so much personality -- which actually kinda scares me! 
  • is completely obsessed with his pacifier. As a toy. He talks to it, blows raspberries at it, and carries it around as long as possible. Quite ridiculous.
  • is into absolutely everything. The higher he gets, the worse it gets. He broke the head off one of Randy’s soccer trophies. Thankfully, it was from highschool. Randy forgave him. 
  • is beginning to realize what “no” means. He used to giggle when I told him no, but in the last month or two, he has begun to look at me very seriously and contemplate whether or not to go back to the outlet. Of course, he still does at times, but he’s getting better at moving away from things when I tell him no. 
  • loves all kinds of food, but especially bread, cheese, and yogurt. We’re doing lots of experimenting. I’m not a by-the-book kind of mom, so I won’t tell you all the things he’s tried. I will just say this: do NOT EVER start feeding your child the whipped cream off a Starbucks frap in public and expect him to be sidetracked by water in his sippy cup. Fail. 
  • LOVES books. In the last month or so, he’s really started to enjoy reading and actually sit still for it (and that’s about the only thing he will sit still for!). 
  • is crazy about bathtime. He’d sit in there for hours if I let him. However, it’s getting a bit tricky because he’s now crawling all over the bath tub and trying to put his fingers down the drain and “catch” the water and all kinds of stuff.

                                          Love this sweet little face

Reminded daily how blessed I am to be a mom. I remember people telling me that kids get in the way of things and slow you down. Sure they do. But how can I complain? He is a precious, precious gift from God.

 Randy is doing well at The Basic School. He’s definitely ready to move on and start flight training next spring, but TBS is a rite of passage! He graduates at the beginning of March, and hopefully we’ll be moving to Pensacola around then. We went to the Marine Ball on Saturday, and it was fabulous. Met lots of people and so excited to meet another Marine wife who is a mom AND a believer! God is so good. The filet mignon was quite delish. Randy and I actually went dancing and loved every minute of it -- although, I will say, Randy is definitely far more a natural than I am! Glad none of my (lack of) dancing skills were on camera. At least, I hope they weren’t. We didn't get a lot of pictures overall, but below is one of my favorites.

I’ve been busy with work and the little guy, but definitely have had time for fun. I went down south last weekend to spend some time with family and friends. Got to surprise my mom and little brothers, which was SO much fun. Landon warmed right up and was spoiled to death (including lots of Fudgesicle licks, courtesy of Pop-Pop). Now we’re back to the daily grind. Until Thanksgiving. Can I just say that I love this time of year?!

                        Mom and me the day I left - love her so much!

Randy and I have been talking lately about how easy it is to miss out on the present because we’re so focused on what’s next. The military lifestyle naturally means change -- and soon. But if we are constantly thinking about the next big step, we’ll miss out on the “everyday” moments we have. We sang “The Pow’r of the Cross” at church on Sunday, and words from the last stanza really stuck out to me: “Life is mine to live, won by your selfless love.”

The power of the gospel means that I can live fully right now. Forget the possibility of moving across the United States or the world in the next few years. Instead, because of all Jesus has done for me, I can focus on giving, loving, enjoying, and growing -- today.

Until next time (which may be a while -- you never know with me)...

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