nice houses and Jesus

My sweetheart is in the field this week, training in the the cold, rainy dreariness while I'm keeping the house at 72 and bundled up in a sweatshirt. I am also becoming increasingly tired of all the political debate on Facebook. I wonder if there's a way to filter out political statuses...? Or maybe I should just take a break in general. For many different reasons. Yes.

The weeks Randy are gone always prove to be the ones where I'm ready to go a little bit crazy. Just a wee little bit. It's like God knows I'm not going to be able to depend on anyone but Him. Irony at its finest. And it really is beautiful... when my response is right. But that's another post for another time.

I've had this topic on my mind for a while. I'm not quite sure of the best way to put it, really. It's a lesson God's had to teach me over and over again -- it's one He still is teaching me. It's nothing eloquent (never is), but it's a lesson I'd thought I would share all the same.

Jesus is more than enough.

If you're anything like me, you've dreamed about a really nice home someday. I mean, let's face it, Pinterest does not help. I have all my dream home pins neatly tucked away in a corner of my brain for "someday." In reality, "someday" probably won't happen. And that's okay. But I'm not really talking about designer homes with luxury spa baths and closets the size of your master bedroom. I'm talking about the materialism that grasps us -- me. Dissatisfied, tired of what I have. Needing (wanting) to redecorate my house. Really feeling the urge to go out and buy a new wardrobe (and not just because of post-baby blues!). Of course, there's nothing inherently sinful in decorating my home and buying clothes or whatever it is you love to do. I love to decorate and have fun with it. I actually like these military moves because it means I get to rearrange/redecorate my living room again. (Yes, yes, I know I'll get sick of it eventually.) And, of course, if it fits into the budget, there's nothing wrong with buying a new outfit or gadget or whatever now and then. But let's face it: it's all about the heart, and I know when I've crossed the line in mine. When my desires for those things become more intense than my desire for Jesus, they have become idols. And the heart of my issue is that I'm not finding Jesus my satisfaction. Instead of being consumed with Jesus, I have become consumed with things. 

The beautiful truth that sets me free is found in the heart of the Gospel. My Savior is not just barely enough. He came to give me life -- and to give it to me abundantly (John 10:10). These things can't satisfy me because He didn't come to die in order for me to find my satisfaction in earthly things. He destroyed those idols at the cross. He is my treasure, my joy, and my satisfaction in this world of emptiness. Just a little lesson God's been teaching me... and I'm sure it's not over yet.


  1. Something I've been thinking about lately too girl... very encouraging.

  2. I've definitely been thinking about this alot lately too. Thank you for sharing!


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