24 Week Pregnancy Update!

So... I actually kept a real pregnancy journal with Landon, but I thought it would be fun to keep track of it online this time... mostly so I will remember. I have an awful memory these days. 

Baby size: Over a pound, and almost a foot long. About as long as an ear of corn!
How far along: 24 weeks
Hard to believe I only have 16 weeks to go! Which, by the way, totally proves that pregnancy is 10 months instead of 9. I do realize that we get two "free" weeks, but seriously, who came up with the idea that pregnancy is 9 months?! 4 weeks x 10 months = 40 weeks, people. .... yeah. Okay. Moving on.
Total weight gain: Depends on who you're talking to. Doctor says 3, I say 8. I lost five and gained them back when I stopped feeling so sick, so in my mind, that's weight gain. But the docs say to start with your pre-pregnancy weight. Whatever. Baby's growing. :) My midwife is super awesome and doesn't stress about the weight gain, she just emphasizes that I eat right. [I may or may not have indulged in some Christmas cookie ice cream tonight. It's Friday.]
Sleep: It has been so much better lately! I'm still waking up occasionally for potty breaks, but if I limit my water intake after dinner, it really helps. 
Food cravings: Nothing, really... except maybe Mexican... but I crave Mexican when I'm not pregnant, too.
Heartburn – It's not strong at all... just notice it after a big meal.
Ligament Pain – I've been pretty crampy/achy this week. It started getting bad around the same time with Landon, so I guess my babies just decide to go through growth spurts at the same time!
Sciatica: Way worse than it was with Landon, and it's especially aggravated after I work out. Just doing exercises and dealing with it!
Shortness of breath – It's not as bad as it was with Landon since I'm carrying lower, but I especially notice after I eat that it's harder to catch my breath, particularly if I'm sitting and squishing all my insides. :) 
Exercise:  I've still been able to keep going to the gym 4-5 days a week. Randy is home a lot these days, so he's able to watch Landon for me. I'm so thankful! It really helps my energy levels and is great prep for labor. 
Movement: This little guy is super active... like his older brother. But I absolutely love this part of pregnancy... it makes it so much more real! And... admission... super hard to concentrate in church when your tummy is jumping. :) 
What I’m looking forward to: Not being in the awkward stage of pregnancy - I feel like wearing a shirt that says: "Even though I may have eaten too much last night, this is NOT a food baby."
What I miss: My clear(er) complexion! Actually, I started really breaking out after the elections. So... maybe I should blame all those darn politics instead of hormones.
Overall, though, I am feeling well and have a lot more energy than I did. I think Landon is probably grateful that I'm not lying on the couch all day and am actually feeding him occasionally. Just kidding. Sort of. 
We are so thankful to God for this gift of pregnancy. I never cease to be amazed at the miracle of life growing inside of me. So thankful for the Lord's protection and sustaining grace.

So I went back to my previous pregnancy pics and thought it would be interesting to compare. One thing is certain: With Landon, I had a sweet tan from our cruise the week before! Ha.

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  1. ah.... such a good idea. and great memories to keep.


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