34 Week Update

Baby size: Almost 5 pounds and 18 inches long. And I am feeling it.
How far along: 34 weeks! 6 weeks really feels like forever away, but I know March will be here before I know it.
Weight gain: 15 pounds
Sleep: I wish I could say it was wonderful. It's not. L was actually sick (again) with multiple ear infections and waking up pretty much every night screaming in pain, but praise the Lord, that seems to be a thing of the past -- as of this week. He had tubes put in, so we are hoping that those will prevent all those nasty infections. Anyway... even though he's sleeping again, this mommy is not! Yay for lots and lots of potty breaks!
Side note: We go through toilet paper at a ridiculously fast rate because of this. I was talking to Randy about it the other day, and he was like, "Becca, just use less! Less is more!" Um... in most cases I would agree... but toilet paper?!
Food cravings:  Anything, really... I've been super hungry the last couple of weeks... I was like this at the end of my last pregnancy, too.
Tiredness: I don't remember it being this way with L, but I've forgotten a lot in two years! 
Moodiness: This goes along with lack of sleep. 
Exercise:  Still getting 4-5 days in a week... but my sciatica is really flaring up when I'm on the elliptical... makes it so much harder! I've just been keeping up with doing stretches -- it's the only thing that really helps. And I know it'll get better soon!
Movement: Ouch, baby.
What I’m looking forward to: Sleeping on my back. With Landon, I always ended up on my back, and it never bothered me, but this time, I get really faint and short of breath. I guess it's my body telling me I need to switch to my side... ha.
What I miss: Not bumping into things with my tummy ;) 
As the weeks fly by, I'm realizing that it's not going to be just Landon and me anymore... and that makes me a little sad. But I also know that I'm giving him one of the best gifts in the world... a little brother. Of course, I do realize that he won't be aware of this for a while. And this fact will mean hard days, long nights, and lots of other lovely things. I had a rough post-partum time with Landon (he had a hard time nursing for the first couple months, super colicky, etc), so I'm not expecting it to be perfect with this one, either. (Um... okay, well, I don't know that anyone has ever described post-partum as "perfect.")
So... I'm asking for your help, mamas with two or more. What helped ease the transition from one to two? Anything you would have done differently? I will take all the help I can get! 
34 weeks with Landon on the left, Colton on the right.


32 week update

Oops... in the midst of all the holiday craziness, I neglected my 30-week update. So, because I'm only good at remembering recent events these days... this is 32 weeks.

Baby size: Almost 4 pounds and 17 inches long. Size of a squash (ew). I had an ultrasound last week and his head is actually measuring three (yes, THREE) weeks ahead of his body... I'm not sure I'm too happy about that since I've gotta push that out. But everything else looks good... thankful he is healthy and growing!
How far along: 32 weeks... such craziness.
Weight gain: 14 pounds [my midwife told me to gain some weight... right before Christmas break. perfect timing!! I had no problem eating my mother's fine cooking and baking. ;)]
Sleep: It's not so great. I wake up at some crazy hour, contemplate for the next 15 minutes if I should actually get up to pee, decide I probably should, go pee, and by that time I'm completely wide awake, then I get back into bed and the baby turns into middle-of-the-night gymnast and then I'm awake for another 45 minutes before I fall back asleep, only to wake again in a couple hours to pee again. Oh, pregnancy. 
Food cravings:  Let's see. I think I really wanted Mexican this week... I did not get it. 
Ligament pain: Baby, it's bad!
Shortness of breath: It's. getting. worse.
Exercise:  Same! Getting harder to work out with the same intensity, though... I'm guessing that I'm just going to keep slowing down?
Movement: My ribs and bladder are both getting pummeled. But I love feeling and seeing his little limbs (and yes, I do realize this freaks some people out).
What I’m looking forward to: meeting my little man! ;)
What I miss: My sleep.
Every week I'm pregnant, I thank the Lord for preserving little Colton and keeping him inside to bake just a while longer! And I am treasuring the time I have left with Landon... can't believe he's going to be a big brother in just 8 weeks (give or take)!
32 with L on left... and of course C on the right. 

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