38 Week Pregnancy Update

Baby size: About 6.8 pounds and over 19 inches long. Just not enough room in this tummy anymore!
How far along: 38 weeks
Weight gain: 20 pounds
Sleep: Let's be honest. Who sleeps wonderfully the last few weeks of pregnancy? I think I was up like 6 times last night.
Food cravings:  I've really wanted protein-packed stuff this week for some reason... maybe because I need it?
Upper back pain: I had this with Landon, but not as bad. It's my mid-back and it's only in one spot. I guess it's just a nerve or muscle that Colton has decided he should lie on. But basically, I can't sit down comfortably... sometimes even lie down comfortably.
Ligament pain: I should take a video of Randy imitating how I walk when I get up out of bed or off the couch. He thinks it's quite amusing. I, on the other hand, think that he should be pregnant for like... a day.
Exercise:  Still able to work out 4 days a week, and I am so thankful for God continuing to give me energy... and a hubby who babysits even when he's in flight school!
Movement: I woke up this morning feeling like I'd been kicked in the stomach all night long. Then I realized... I probably had.
What I’m looking forward to: Not being pregnant! (even though I know I'll miss all these kicks and punches)
What I miss: My clothes fitting.
It's hard to believe baby C will be here so soon. I'm not in a rush due to his daddy's busy schedule right now (and the fact that I want him to bake as long as he needs to!), but I'm hoping he doesn't make his appearance too late for several different reasons. I've had to constantly give that worry over to the Lord and trust in His sovereign timing. My midwife reminded me last week that pregnancy is not a permanent condition. I was like oh... yeah. Good point. 
This week's picture was taken at about 37.5 weeks, but I figured that was close enough to 38 ;)
L on top, C on bottom


36 Week Pregnancy Update

Baby size: Nearly 6 pounds and over 18.5 inches long. 
How far along: 36 weeks... crazy that there's only a month left... although, at this point, I still feel like that's too long!
Weight gain: 18 pounds
Sleep: Well, I have developed this super weird symptom (only at night) of aching legs. It's not RLS... just feels like my leg muscles are sore. And the only thing that makes it slightly bearable is pillows and a heating pad. My midwife doesn't really have any other explanation other than nerve compression (thanks, Colton). Anyway, that being said, it's made sleep a bit less enjoyable, but this week has been better, thank the Lord.
Food cravings:  Orange juice. :) 
Acid reflux: This has just kicked in with a vengeance. Hello, Tums.
Ligament pain: I seriously feel like an old woman when I get out of bed or off the couch. Not that I know what they feel like. But I certainly look like one.
Exercise:  Same, but cutting back on the intensity because it can make the pain worse... but at the same time, it also gets worse if I completely stop exercising. And exercise totally helps with my energy levels!
Movement: He is insane. I literally thought he was choking himself with the cord one night... it must have been the Tums. ;)
What I’m looking forward to: Breathing normally, sitting up normally, sleeping... okay. Well, we all know the sleep isn't going to improve after a newborn, but I'd rather snuggle with a little someone than be woken up by a bladder or sore legs. 
What I miss: Everything that I just stated! :)
Hard to believe I'm down to monthly visits! My midwife checked me this past week, and I'm actually starting to dilate and efface. Yes, I realize I can walk around like this for weeks, even months. Yes, I realize this does not mean I will be early or even on time. However... I AM thankful my body is doing what it's supposed to be!
I finally hit the point where I am just done being pregnant. I enjoy lots of pregnancy... but the last month?  I'm convinced God gives it to us just so we are super ready to meet our little ones. But I am not trying to get this baby to come out too early... I want him to bake as long as he needs to! Plus, his daddy needs to finish up some classes before I go into labor. 
Here's hoping I only have to take one more picture! Ha... 
(L on left, C on right)

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